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  Free Casino Tips to Help you Win More Often

Casino Tips
Not only have we gone and found the best online casinos for you here at games:player but we’ve also hunted down the best casino tips below to help you win at them! With an increase over the past few years in the variety of games available at casino for you to play, you'll still find that the majority of gamers still play the good old favourites such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, video poker, craps and Caribbean Stud. These have been the most popular for quite a while and have the highest recorded numbers on a continual basis with the majority of casinos. Check out our casino tips below...

We have looked at all of these games and identified those which will give you the best odds in terms of success and gain back the highest percentage of money bet. This is known as the ‘House Edge’ which is the % you bet and can expect to lose on average. The most information we can give to ensure you win the most is obviously the best.

Slots Tips
This is the main game that requires no level of skill and constant new additions to the types of games that can be played through online casinos. The choice of which to play if entirely up to you but once again the warning of ensuring you read the rules is critical as nearly every game and version will have differing rules. Overall the entire range of games have the same level of payouts and for those of you looking for a big jackpot in a single click this is the one for you.
The typical ‘House Edge’ hasn’t been confirmed but is pretty darn good.

Blackjack Tips
Blackjack is the most played game on the online casinos and it is commonly thought that you can win a higher percentage of games that the majority of other options. Once again this can be a mythical thought as the individual rules will influence the winnings and your game can be dramatically affected.
On average the ‘House Edge’ on Blackjack is
0.5% which is pretty good.

Roulette Tips
Roulette is a little different than most of the other types of games and while ther are some standard betting options across all games and casinos you need to be fully aware of the version you are playing.
The main types are American (Double 0 wheels) and European (Single 0 wheels) while there is also a French option. The majority of games will also have specialised betting options depending on each casino. While the American and European version are quite similar the French version has additional rules such as betting plans called ‘Racecourse’ allowing you to place multiple bets, ‘En Prison’ which is a concession whereby you get 50% stake refund on even money if ‘0’ is rolled. The best piece of advice is to do some additional research on the type of game you want to play and don’t get caught out.
Typical ‘House Edge’ for the Roulette games are:
2.7% - American 5.3% - French 1.4%

Video Poker Tips

There are a number of these types of games available to play from single to multiple hand games and this is definitely one of the games that needs a certain amount of skill. Naturally enough the different casinos have varying rules so make sure you read individual rules before you start playing the games. Choosing the casino game that suits you best is of utmost importance as each win ratios and rules can have a great influence and difference on the return from your bet.
The typical ‘House Edge’ from video poker games is

Caribbean/Cyber Stud Poker Tips
This is a modified version of 5 card stud and means that you play against the house rather than other people. Additional options such as a ‘side bet’ can be played and is independent of the dealers hand, allowing you to win even if the dealer beats your hand. An upcoming game that is gaining a loyal following in the online casino world.
The typical ‘House Edge’ on this game is

Pai Glow Poker Tips
This version of poker is played by placing a bet on either one or both of the betting circles and then the dealer and player are dealt seven cards. The deal is then split to two hands – one of 5 cards and one of 2 cards. When you are happy with the split the 5 hand deal and the 2 hand deal are compared to see who has the best. These are mainly ranked like poker hands but once again make sure you read each casinos individual rules as some allow the option of you being the dealer which will of course increase the odds but could also lose more.
The ‘House Edge’ on Pai Glow poker with no banker option is typically

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