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Game Objectives:
Select the amount you'd like to bet, then hit the spin button to see if your a winner.
Try and win enough to BUY some strip action from the cartoon girl on the left!
See below the game for tips on
Playing Slot Machines for real.

CLICK to select in-game options. CLICK the arm to start the spin.

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How to play Slots Machines:
Need a bit of a head-up before you start playing Slots Machines? No problem as we've prepared an easy to follow Slots guide to help you become an expert at playing the Slots. Having practiced Playing Slots and other totally free to Play Casino Games, you'll be in a great position to try your luck and start playing Slots for real and actually start winning some real money! Don't forget to check out some of the great Free Casino Chips that Online Casinos are currently offering new players or our Online Casinos section for the lowdown on which Casinos are the best for playing Slots.

How to Play Online Slot Machines:
We have compiled a variety of slot games on the games:player website that will provide endless hours of fun and a great opportunity to practice your skills. Once you have mastered the art of the slots, you can play for real with the confidence that you will have a great knowledge base to get you started on the money making games.

The first thing you need to decide is how you are going to play the slots. Will you keep playing until you are 50% above your starting point, will you play for a certain timeframe or until your money runs out. When playing for real this will help you win more money if you have set a limit.

1. Decide on the your betting limit and ensure you stick to it. This can be a set amount, a percentage increase on your starting point or a timeframe limit. This will help you walk away with more cash in your pocket.
2. Before starting any game make sure you are familiar with any rules of specific games. Some rules will vary but will be displayed on all games. Its easy to not be aware of the fact that you haven't bet enough to win a jackpot. Play the maximum coins per spin and this will ensure you are in the running for the jackpot.
3. Keep an eye on how much you are betting each time, its easy to get carried away and not pay attention to the bet amount. Try to keep a running tally.
4. Single pay line machines tend to have larger payout's than the multi-pay line machines.
5. Remember that the double jackpot symbols are lucky as they can help you double or even triple the pay out. They can also be used to replace any symbol. They are most often red, blue or white sevens and double or triple diamonds.
6. Set yourself a number of non-winning spins - once these are over you should change machines.
7. Check the value of the symbols on every slot machine. This is important because they can be worth different amounts from machine to machine.
8. Play the maximum coins per spin to maximise potential winning jackpots.
9. If you win don't be tempted to put it all back into the slot machine. Decide on how much of your winnings you are going to bet - if any.
10. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking that if you keep playing long enough you will eventually win. Sometimes you can be lucky but more often than not you will end up betting all of your initial stake and your winnings.
11. If you win a high amount then cash out while you are still ahead.
12. Make sure you know when the pay out schedule is so you can know when to bet the maximum coins as some machines only pay out when you have done this.
13. The more you know, the smarter you'll play so try a range of games and practice as much as you can.
14. Most importantly, have fun.
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